The causes of CKDu

Studies published in recent years have zeroed in on dehydration and heat stress as causes of CKDu among agricultural workers.

For many years a number of hypotheses were under consideration as primary causes of CKDu. Researchers were even so baffled that the disease was initially called Chronic Kidney Disease of “unknown causes” (CKDu).

We now know, however, that day after day of manual labor in intense equatorial climates without sufficient access to water, rest, and shade causes acute kidney damage. Over time, this damage leads to decreased kidney function and, ultimately, CKDu.

What’s the solution?

Preliminary WE Program data suggest that we must provide workers with water, rest, and shade as well as performance-enhancing efficiency training to help them conserve energy.

These measures reduce stress on the kidney and stabilize kidney function, preventing the repeated acute kidney damage that leads to CKDu. Workers also become more productive by putting the wisdom of world-renowned efficiency trainers into action.

CKDu Research